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This cute gift set is perfect for the hiker in your life. This gray ceramic mug features simple gold mountains with the phrase "I'd Hike That" in black print. Included in the gift set is your choice of coffee flavor from Hikers Brew, Adventure Ready Trail Coffee roasted in Eau Claire, WI. As a bonus, you will also get a Trail Addict Carabiner with emergency whistle and medallion that says "Feed your Addiction". Perfect for clipping to your backpack! (Colors are chosen at random for carabiner, whistle and medallion, if you are wanting a specific color, please specify in the message area.) 

Coffee Flavors:

Some Mores - Flavor Notes: Chocolatey, toasted marshmallow medium Colombian blend pre-ground flavored coffee. Description: What's an adventure without S'mores? With hints of rich gooey chocolate, an accent of toasted marshmallow, and a dash of graham cracker, this flavor is sure to inspire you to start a campfire!

Mile Marker - Flavor Notes: Smooth, well-balanced medium Colombian blend pre-ground regular coffee. Description: Our smooth Medium Roast is pleasant in flavor, and contains just the right amount of punch to keep your taste buds coming back for more!

Red Rocks - Flavor Notes: Savory, salted caramel medium Colombian blend pre-ground flavored coffee. Description: Fan of Salted Caramel? This flavor is right for you! Made from our smooth medium roast coffee, this mouthwatering caramel flavor will have you falling into this canyon and never coming out!

Hazy Hiker - Flavor Notes: Smooth, chocolatey, hazelnut medium Colombian blend pre-ground flavored coffee. Description: The hikers' favorite! Delicate chocolate with a hint of hazelnut. A perfect remedy for the hazy feeling you get when waking up for that early morning adventure. If any flavor is going to give you a needed boost, it's going to be this one!